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Novation Center is a My Rehab Recovery Certified Facility and we’re proud to have them in our network. Novation Center provides daily person-centered and individualized treatment to meet the unique challenges of each person’s recovery experience. Novation’s clinicians use components of three modalities of therapy that are among the most researched and evidence-based approaches available in clinical therapy.


The Four Core Values to Addiction Treatment


Arriving at residential rehab, you may feel hopelessness, stripped down to your core. Novation staff provide the compassion and empathy you need at this vulnerable time.


You are our honored guest. Novation strives to provide a luxurious settting for recovery, including 5 star rooms and furniture, a personal chef, and fitness / wellness plan.


Education is vital to recovery. At Novation, you will develop skills to manage emotions, triggers and addiction. With this knowledge, your treatment team is setup to succeed.


Novation espouses treatment supported by scientific evidence. Our experienced team of professionals will develop the very best treatment plan for your individual case.


Some of the best therapists and recovery support personnel i have ever known. A real holistic team approach. Thank you Novation team for being available to provide the care to those in need.

Marley CoteSome of the Best

Stunning, excellent staff, committed experienced providers. highly recommend!

Marie MugavinExcellent Staff

Novation is a drug and alcohol rehab-retreat in a luxurious bayfront setting with world-class professionals to help men find a path back to a fulfilled drug-free life.

Men can engage in group, individual and family therapy while spending time enriching the body with quality nutrition and physical fitness.

Time is also protected to manage personal business needs via internet and cell phone.

Two private boats; stand-up paddle; kayaks and a sailing yacht are at the disposal of residents at Novation.

Once treatment is completed, care coaches will work with residents by phone and video to help them navigate life stressors and successes as well as the next steps in treatment.

Reuben SutterWorld-Class

Novation’s Approaches to Health and Healing

Treatment of Behavioral Health and Substance Use

With our psychiatrists and licensed therapists, we treat co-occurring disorders. Psychosocial assessments and treatment plans begin from day one. Medications and therapy will be utilized to address individual needs. We engage the outpatient team throughout treatment so the transition out of residential treatment is as seamless as possible.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are integrated to each individual’s treatment plan to combat the common development of negative and destructive thought and behavior patterns. This research-based modality allows the patient to explore what thoughts and behaviors perpetuate patterns of self-defeating thoughts that continue to drive addiction to drugs or alcohol.
Patients and therapists will actively work with the CBT model to seek alternative ways to think about the self with the goal of recovering from the pain of destructive thought and behavior patterns. Smart Recovery is CBT model used at Novation Center.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a cornerstone of our person-centered care and individual approach to treatment. DBT is the most researched, validated and published evidence-based treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders that need support beyond typical talk therapy.
DBT operates with compassion, clarity, and collaboration in gaining skills for increasing emotion regulation, building distress tolerance, increasing mindfulness, and increasing interpersonal effectiveness.

Matrix Model

The Matrix Model is an evidence-based model specifically addressing the unique needs of individuals entering recovery. Components of the Matrix Model address the areas starving for attention in the life of the person in recovery. Examples of this are External and Internal Triggers, Boredom, Anger Management and Repairing Relationships. The Matrix Model focuses on continued engagement each day of recovery. This can include individual, group or family therapy sessions and educational groups within a highly focused, time-limited program.


Mindfulness is a proven modality to help mood disorders, anxiety and substance use disorders. It is a valuable tool for anyone to exercise in today’s fast-paced and hectic world. Mindfulness at its core is about being aware in the present moment without judgement. Practicing focused awareness can significantly improve stress tolerance and lead to greater satisfaction in life experiences.

Family Therapy

Family therapy addresses the inherent and often historic needs of guests and persons in their lives impacted by the dynamics of addiction. Family dynamics that have been developed to solve problems can, in the face of addiction, strengthen and increase problematic patterns. Novation staff incorporate Strategic Family Therapy and Solution-Focused Family Therapy into working with family members and guests. Center Customized approaches to family therapy include weekly meetings and multiple telephonic contacts.

12 Step Program

The history and success of 12 step programs is spread across the globe. At Novation, there are multiple opportunities each week to attend and reflect on the 12 step principles, guidance and fellowship. Guests are encouraged to explore this approach and incorporate any and all principles from it that strengthen the focus on long-term sobriety and the benefits of a supportive, peer-based community.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Developed in 1997, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan represents an organic, personalized and “self-designed” approach to get well and stay well. Using the best ideas for prevention, intervention and crisis planning, WRAP focuses on strengths and successes to predict and effectively intervene in challenging times.

Movement Therapy

We all move through our days. Movement Therapy integrates focus and mindfulness into opportunities to deepen awareness of and frequency of this overlooked and often neglected aspect of ourselves. Through expert coaching – the practices of stretching, yoga, and exercises that increase range of motion, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular strength are incorporated into a customized plan for movement and wellness that begins withing the first 72 hours of guest stays at Novation and is practiced daily.


Novation Center guests have expert-prepared meals and nutrition approaches. A nutritional assessment meets individualized needs, preferences and goals for overall health and wellness and dining pleasure. At all other times, our kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks and beverages.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness comes in many forms. At Novation, the primary focus on physical fitness is restoration of a wholistic balance of muscular strength and energy. Professional experts work with guests to provide a curated plan of action to regain levels of endurance, strength, flexibility, and well-being.

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