Our Standards

Check out our standards below!  We believe that these standards are keys to lasting results on the clients journey to recovery. All of the treatment centers that are a part of our network have proven to us that they qualify in each of the following areas:

Authentic Vision

The vision of a quality treatment centers determines the passion within their team members. The reason we look for authentic vision in the treatment centers we work with is so that we can see what motivates their team. We believe that it is not just the program alone that can help someone, but the love and the heart of the people behind the program that can truly transform lives.

Treatment Options

Treatment options are important because the solution for addiction is not the same for each person given the circumstances that vary. It reveals the quality of the program based on the variety of treatment options they offer.

Treatment Center’s Philosophy & Ideology

Each treatment center’s ideology and philosophy is very significant to understand because it reveals the approach the treatment center has towards their clients. This is important to consider since each individuals responds differently to various forms of treatment.

Treatment Center Levels of Care

Treatment centers having various levels of care create an uninterrupted experience for their clients. This helps benefit the clients throughout their progression of the program.

Staff to Client Ratio

Treatment centers with 2 to 1, staff to client ratio is important because it is meeting minimum licensing requirements. Treatment centers that meet and exceed the minimum requirements are seeking to provide the best environment for their clients.

Staff Unity

Staff unity sets the tone for the treatment center’s environment. A healthy environment of the treatment center is important to successful recovery.

Staff Quality

Overall staff quality is important because in many ways it determines the success of a treatment center.

Program Activities

It is important for treatment centers to have a wide variety of activities to create new lifestyles that promote healthy living for sustainable sobriety. This helps with relapse prevention and serves as platforms for quality therapy.

Program Success Rate

Treatment centers in our network don’t solely base success on completion of the program, but rather the person’s ability and confidence to sustain sobriety and contribute to society.

Facility Quality & Cleanliness

It’s the right of the individual seeking care to have access to quality facility and clean environment. A clean and quality facility contributes to a relaxed and comfortable environment helping individuals focus on their sobriety.