Demi Lovato Speaks Out on the Moment That Made Her Seek Treatment for her Addiction

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Demi Lovato has never been shy about discussing her past addiction struggles. At the turning point of her becoming an adult, popstar Lovato checked herself into rehab for several different struggles involving mental health, eating disorders and substance abuse.

Recently Lovato released a Youtube documentary Simply Complicated, where she reveals the exact chain of events that made her seek treatment in the first place. Most of the public know the majority of her story from fans and social media. The turn of events happened when her excessive use became too much and she punched one of her backup dancers. In the documentary, she is not afraid to reveal the incident. Lovato along with her loved ones expose the details of the scene with much vulnerability.

“I was not easy to work with,” Lovato says in the documentary, before Nick Jonas chimes in, “And then this episode happened”—referring to the punching, presumably.

“Demi walks up onto the plane. I turn around, and Demi had punched her backup dancer in the face,” a friend of Lovato’s says.

After this, Lovato says she went on a two-month “bender,” where she was “using daily.” It was this that led the people around her to think she was on a “road to suicide.” They all knew in this moment that change needed to happen.

“I’m on a journey to discover what it’s like to be free of all demons,” she also says in the film, which hits YouTube on October 17.

Glamour states that in November 2016 Lovato spoke frankly to Glamour about how hard it’s been to get to a place of peace and sobriety. “I feel healthy, I feel happy,” she said. “Back then I felt an emptiness inside of me, and I reached for so many things—a person, a substance, a behavior—to fill that void. And now there’s not a void anymore. The void is filled by me taking care of myself.… Getting sober was difficult. I went into rehab, I came out, and I didn’t stay sober. I still had issues occasionally. Now some days it’s difficult; some days it’s easy.”

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