Treatment is vulnerable process. Here are 10 statements from personal experiences through rehab.

1. You feel more accepted in your treatment center than you do in actual reality

2. Sober living homes are a place to find cooler friends to use with

3. My parents spent my college fund for me to go to treatment. After rehab I attended college and had to lie to my parents about sobriety. Now we are broke and I am using more than I did before I went to college.

4. The first treatment center I went to my counselor was only a high school graduate.

5. My door didn’t have a lock on it. When I was changing a male client walked into my room when I didn’t have anything on. This happened more than once.

6. I paid $70,000 for my first run at rehab. I relapsed and went to a rehab $30,000 cheaper that had gave me better life tools to sobriety.

7. One night I found my phone they taken from me and  I texted my dealer. A few hours later I was using in his car in front of my rehab.

8. I relapsed during treatment and was kicked out for a fews days homeless before they would let me back in for help.

9.  Once I had demonic visitations in my room at night, only to find out others in my center were using witchcraft. I thought I was having a trip but I knew I was sober.

10. Entering rehab I was an alcoholic. I left rehab a chain smoker.


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