Body Brokering: selling clients in exchange for money

In the addiction industry today, there is massive increase in treatment centers. With that, the competition for customers is at an all time high. Addicts and business men have found an advantage to that problem by gaining income off of a trade for those who need help.

Modern Day Prostitution of Victims of Mental Illness

Body brokers are the modern day pimp. The only catch is, it’s still legal today. They play the role of a life coach and contact addicts for help. He or she then makes the client comfortable to find their addictions and struggles. If drugs are not the problem, they capitalize on anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and depression. At the of the conversation they pitch the best solution; treatment. On the 7th day of the victims journey to recovery, the body brokers pockets $1500-$7000. They will then not reach back out until the client has left the treatment center.

The Vicious Cycle of Treatment

Once the client has completed treatment the “life coach” aka broker will reach back out to connect on how he or she is. Brokers then offer up drugs to relive that high one more time. Some clients will not be able to resist the free offer to get high and relapse shortly after treatment. The broker will then send them off to the next treatment center where he will capitalize on the system. This cycle will commonly occur up to 11 or more times.


Vulnerability is Used as an Advantage

Florida and Southern California are the two major hot spots for treatment. Perfect weather and high standard of living draw addicts from all over the country. This is a brokers dream. If a client relapses or is kicked out of a treatment center, brokers seemingly are the only ones to get them. The client is miles away from home, hurting, relapsing, sick, and has no community. Brokers then pounce. Their “life coach” role looks like a life saver to these clients, but they are unaware that their bodies are being traded for money. Weakness and vulnerability now has a dollar value attached to it in this industry.


Living in Luxury

Homeless to five star living, what is not to desire about reclaiming your life in luxury. A broker may approach an addict on the street or even in a recovery meeting and offer to help them get insurance. The Affordable Care Act is simple process you can apply through online. Once the insurance is activated, the broker will then drop them off at one of their luxury treatment centers. The client just experienced a massive jump in standard of living. Why would they want to go back to the streets? Once they are released, the client contacts the broker again to get high and experience another 30 days of first class living. The cycle continues and more money is being filtered into the brokers bank account.

Life Coaching with a Catch

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. It is not unusual for a life coach to charge a client for services. The corruption of the treatment industry is the transition of money on the back end when the client is admitted into treatment. Treatment centers are not chosen by the success rate for the client, but the amount of money the broker will receive in turn for their referral. Brokers are then enabling clients after they have been discharged from treatment to get high once again. The appeal to be valued, taken care of, and live is luxury is wanted by most clients. Client’s “life coach” steps back in each moment they get, knowing that they will make another couple thousands dollars off the client’s personal challenges.

Eliminating Brokers

My Rehab Recovery has formed a network of qualified treatment centers. Their  goal is to cut out the use of brokers and supply clients without a dollar amount placed on their life. My Rehab Recovery represent a cause for change and success in the treatment industry. We also represent treatment centers that meet the criteria for the greatest chances of success available so far. If you or a loved one is looking for sobriety please visit My Rehab Recovery or call 855.977.3422


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