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Josh Gordon to end treatment soon, hopes for NFL return: Tim Montgomery WR Trainer

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Tim Montgomery, trainer of  Josh Gordon, said to,” Suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon returned to rehab in June to try to show the NFL he was worthy of reinstatement and will end his treatment on Sept. 21.”

According to, this is not Gordon’s first time in treatment. It is believed to be his fourth time to a rehab center.

“He’s been clean, so we’re hoping after 90 days he’s reinstated and they put him back in the league, which it looks like they’re going to do that,” said Montgomery to

Tim Montgomery uses his history and mistakes to work with athletes who struggle with a troubled past. In 2005 Montgomery’s records were taken from him, as he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. He had also spent 4 1/2 years in prison for selling heroin and a check fraud scheme.

Montgomery is able to relate to Gordon on his circumstances and speak to him about the lessons he learned from his own life mistakes. He now runs a facility, N.U.M.A. Speed, stands for “never underestimate my ability.”

Gordon and Montgomery were paired together by a friend who know Montgomery’s college partner. They work together not only on his body, but on his mind as well.

When Gordon was denied to be reinstate in May, Montgomery’s true colors came out. He said,” I took you on for life. I ain’t taking you on as a project.’ It wasn’t until he didn’t make it and I was still there that he understood it.”


Montgomery was able to see Gordon on a day visit from his rehab facility. He told that Gordon had been working out there and it will not take him long to get back at peak shape.

Gordon now surrounds himself with people who support his sobriety. He understand that it will be difficult if he is reinstated, Montgomery told

Both Gordon and Montgomery understand the game of football is not just physical, but mental too. They are wishing that he can maintain a healthy mental state to then contribute to a team.

“I’m just praying daily that he can wake up and walk out of there,” said Montgomery as his last statement to


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