Because there is Freedom in Recovery.

Our Experience

Over the past few months, we have become family with owners  Joe and Miki Hunter. 15 years ago they opened the doors for Designs for Change and Cycles of Change. Since then, their family has grown in numbers and sobriety. We have seen how much time and personal investment they take towards each individual client and family as they enter their facilities.

Family Oriented

A key factor  we have observed that we would like to highlight is their therapy program involvement with the clients family. Each weekend they invite the client’s family members into a therapy session to help change the lens that they might have on their son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister. It is common for the families to have a skewed perspective on the family member dealing with addiction. Designs for Change equips the families with tools to help the family break lenses and reengage in relationship.

Extended Family Care

In addition to their weekend family therapy sessions, every 8 weeks they host a weekend family workshop. We stand firmly behind this program. Not only do they invite the client and their family’s, but they invite the staff’s family as well. Here the discuss communication, purpose, and destiny.They create a family oriented environment across the board. This translates into the atmosphere in each of their facilities.


My Rehab Recovery investigates the staff at each of our network facilities. We were impressed to hear that each of the therapist at Designs for Change & Cycles of Change all have a college degree. In addition to their degrees, they also have 2+ years of experience under their belt. The staff is certified and credible. We are also very pleased with their client to staff ratio. Each client is getting the attention and care they need. Joe and Miki have created a very established staff over the past 15 years.

Two staff members that we work with on a consecutive basis are Jillian and Shannon. Both work in intake and we have observed their steps in pursuit of each potential new client. They will not close a case until they have personally reached out 4-5 times without a response from potential client. They stay active and on each case.

Overall Experience

We have been very pleased to see that each review online matches the care that Designs for Change & Cycles for Change promote. Joe and Miki lead with great example through their own marriage and passion for creating family in sobriety. We look forward to continuing our work with Designs for Change & Cycles of Change as part of My Rehab Recovery network.




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