Google Puts a Limit on Addiction Treatment Ads: Corruption Coming to a Halt

By September 15, 2017Addiction, Uncategorized

Most Americans turn to Google to search or answer any question they may have. This includes drug addicts and their families. They search Google for what sounds to be the best option to reclaim their life. How do they know what they are clicking on is true to what they will receive?

It is easy to say what people want to hear, but it is hard to deliver. In this $35 billion industry, there is so much wiggle room for corruption many are getting away with it.

Google has acknowledged the severity and corruption in the treatment industry that is going on. This week they put a restriction on the number of ads promoting rehabilitation centers on their sites.

Google spokeswoman Elisa Greene said,”We found a number of misleading experiences among rehabilitation treatment centers that led to our decision.” They found ads for rehab center that are misleading and only putting the client at more risk if they are admitted into the center.

This is not the first time Google has put up restriction on advertisement on their site. They have limited payday lenders, adult content, and many more. With this action from their past decisions, it has created such things as a verification process for locksmiths to prevent fraud. Google’s decision to limit treatment center ads will effect thousands of small operating companies in the industry.

Many of these companies were paying as much as $70 per click to have their facility advertised through Google. Google understands the loss financially on their end, but justice is what they partner with. The cost of a life is worth more than the funds they were receiving.

One of the leading forms of advertisement for the treatment industry is through the internet. Their biggest strategy is buying ads space that pop up with words relating to treatment, such as “rehab” or “drug treatment center”. With Google’s restrictions put in place last week, they have stopped selling that ad space related to those words.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is now raising the standard for you or your loved one looking to get into treatment.

A treatment center on average makes $30,000 a client per month from private insurance. With their biggest form of advertisement removed, they are now having to use other ways to attract clients.

There are over 3,000 treatment centers in California alone. The competition to be first on Google was a race of who could cough up the most money that month. It is very easy for any company to write a tag that will lure you in to be admitted into their facility. Then buy Google ad space for that tag to be the first to appear. With the new limitations, it will force companies to use different forms of advertisement to be seen.

There is now new hope being presented that this move by Google will weed out the corruption and true genuine treatment centers will rise to the surface.

We are part of the new hope. My Rehab Recovery has created a certification process so you know what you will expect when you are admitted into one of the treatment centers in our network. We are in close relationship with each one of our treatment centers to know that they are up to date, trustworthy and excellent at all times.

My Rehab Recovery reviews their content and stays in communication with the owners and operators with each company to know for certain that there is no concerns in sending someone to treatment.

We stand on ethical grounds and evidence based results to offer all of those in need. My Rehab Recovery is fighting for justice. We are fighting for lives.

You or loved one looking for help with addiction or mental illness, visit My Rehab Recovery or call 855.977.3422

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