Where does heroin addiction start?

It is most commonly blamed on prescription pills abuse, but what if we looked deeper into the issue to discover other indicators.

Where does it all start?

Criminology professors John Lewis, of IUP, and Eric Kocian, of Saint Vincent College, conducted a study to disprove the opioid epidemic for the sole cause of heroin addiction. The questions that motived the study was simple; How and why do people become addicted to heroin? Where does it all start?

The Truth

Lewis and Kocian interviewed 158 people in Westmoreland County, PA who admitted they had substance abuse issues. Out of the 158 people, 128 of them were addicted to heroin. Only 1 out the the whole study reported to have involvement of substance abuse before they were prescribed pain killers. After interviewing, both Lewis and Kocian believed blaming prescription drugs were the sole cause of heroin addiction was far from the truth.

Other signs

Looking far back before the step into heroin addiction can give a warning sign of what is to come. Did the addict take part in alcohol or marijuana use? Did they have a traumatic life incident happen? Were their parents or grandparents addicts? These are all things to research as the leading causes for heroin addictions.

In the Westmoreland study, over 55 people started using alcohol at the age 15. 90% of those are now addicted to heroin.

Common Cure

Society today does not know how to cope with their stress or traumatic incidences safely. There is a pill to cure every issue our body’s deal with, physically and emotionally. Even as children we are taught to fix any pain with a pill. But where does the line get drawn of healthy use of prescription drugs and abuse lie? Simple. Following the prescription given to you by the medical professional.

Early Action

How do we monitor the legal substances that are more commonly being abused? Early education plants a seed into child showing the health factors that cause damage. Also, following state and federal laws will help guide a personal into not falling into addiction.

Take action

Knowing that the warning signs to heroin addiction are not just prescription drugs, are you more curious about your child, family member or friend? Sit down and have a conversation before their life is at risk.

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For more information on the case study, click here.

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