The Cost

Did you know that one urine samples can cost up to $3000? One couple who sent their son to treatment received a bill of $300,000 for urine testing from a lab affiliated with the sober living home where their son was treated.

During the process of recovery, a staff member at the treatment center will require a drug test to determine whether or not the client is sober. It is commonly done upon arrival and departure. The client may receive an occasional test midway through their treatment to make sure their process to recovery is on track.

The treatment center then sends it off to the labs to be tested and results are given within 24 hours.

Then What?

Insert corrupt business owner.

The owner may then bill the insurance for whatever value he tries to justify the test is worth. On top of prostituting the urine, they can request to test the client more often than necessary to gain profit from the drug tests.

The Past

In the past three years, there has been hundreds of cases dealing with the fraudulent act involving drug testing. Corruption is spreading across the United States with major cases in Florida, Texas, California and New Jersey.

Millions of dollars are being paid out straight into the pockets of business owners who are capitalizing off the process of recovery. When will we have more verification of the processes of these businesses? How long will the corruption last?

The Future

My Rehab Recovery is partnered with MedGen Solutions lab company to assure a credible experience. MedGen is held to a high accountability through My Rehab Recovery standards of ethics. Each of My Rehab Recovery’s qualified treatment centers source a lab company that value the patient and the medical testing. My Rehab Recovery is standing in the gap to stop this corruption.

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