Our Recovery Results are Miraculous

Miramar Addiction and Rehab Centers have been in our network for the past few months. Our experience with them so far has been amazing. They are a family style company who have been in business for over 10 years.


Selective Criteria

Miramar does not like to bite off more than they can chew. They are very thorough in their intake process to insure they are able to make a difference. The owner, Derik Brian, is a compassionate leader that leads by inspiration and not by fear. With that being said, it has been amazing to observe them stand by their promises. They have a very personable filter upon intake to their program to be able to evaluate everything from personality type to religious beliefs or even strictly male or female environments. Forming these questions for the clients to answer, gives them a clear understanding of how to help them most affectively. It is not easy to get in, but the client can be guarantee that they will be cared for if selected.

Staff Unity

We have experienced the unity of the staff in incredible ways. Something we have noticed about Miramar’s team is the loyalty to doing what is right. They are knit together by good morals and committed to their vision. David, the assistant program director, is a compassionate leader who leads by experience and never leaves anyone behind. He is an alumni of the program and is very involved from A-Z in the clients well being. David  is also very passionate about the owners vision. To see the respect he has for Derik was impressive. Along with observing David and the rest of the team, it was great to discover that most of Miramar’s employees love their job and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.


During our tour and certification process with Miramar, something we had noticed was their wonderful personalities. Ian, the intake professional, is the first person on the phone and walking the clients through the first day at their treatment center. Ian is a breathe of fresh air. He had one of the most inviting and safe personalities. We admired throughout the tour was their constant hugs and words of affirmation exchanged throughout staff and clients in every facility we toured. Another enlightening detail was that most of the staff we interviewed had been in the treatment program for over a year and then began employment with Miramar Recovery as an intern. Following their internship, most of them were pursuing further education in counseling and addiction studies.

 Final Review

This is just a small bit of what we are able to say about Miramar Recovery. In conclusion to our first review on them, we would say that Miramar Recovery Center is an intimate small treatment center that values quality over quantity. This seems to be a major advantage so far in watching the success rate of those they treat. We are firm supporters in this program so far and we encourage you to get their information from My Rehab Recovery in the Orange County Region.


If you or a loved one is struggling with any form of addiction or mental illness including those in need of dual diagnosis please call 855.977.3422 or visit www.myrehabrecovery.com




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