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State of Addiction: Finding early indicators of heroin addiction

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Where does heroin addiction start?

It is most commonly blamed on prescription pills abuse, but what if we looked deeper into the issue to discover other indicators.

Where does it all start?

Criminology professors John Lewis, of IUP, and Eric Kocian, of Saint Vincent College, conducted a study to disprove the opioid epidemic for the sole cause of heroin addiction. The questions that motived the study was simple; How and why do people become addicted to heroin? Where does it all start?

The Truth

Lewis and Kocian interviewed 158 people in Westmoreland County, PA who admitted they had substance abuse issues. Out of the 158 people, 128 of them were addicted to heroin. Only 1 out the the whole study reported to have involvement of substance abuse before they were prescribed pain killers. After interviewing, both Lewis and Kocian believed blaming prescription drugs were the sole cause of heroin addiction was far from the truth.

Other signs

Looking far back before the step into heroin addiction can give a warning sign of what is to come. Did the addict take part in alcohol or marijuana use? Did they have a traumatic life incident happen? Were their parents or grandparents addicts? These are all things to research as the leading causes for heroin addictions.

In the Westmoreland study, over 55 people started using alcohol at the age 15. 90% of those are now addicted to heroin.

Common Cure

Society today does not know how to cope with their stress or traumatic incidences safely. There is a pill to cure every issue our body’s deal with, physically and emotionally. Even as children we are taught to fix any pain with a pill. But where does the line get drawn of healthy use of prescription drugs and abuse lie? Simple. Following the prescription given to you by the medical professional.

Early Action

How do we monitor the legal substances that are more commonly being abused? Early education plants a seed into child showing the health factors that cause damage. Also, following state and federal laws will help guide a personal into not falling into addiction.

Take action

Knowing that the warning signs to heroin addiction are not just prescription drugs, are you more curious about your child, family member or friend? Sit down and have a conversation before their life is at risk.

If you know of anyone struggle with heroin addiction or any other substance abuse visit My Rehab Recovery or Call 855.977.3422. We have network of qualified and quality treatment centers that will stand along side any addiction and walk addicts to sobriety.

For more information on the case study, click here.

Miramar Addiction and Rehab Centers Review

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Our Recovery Results are Miraculous

Miramar Addiction and Rehab Centers have been in our network for the past few months. Our experience with them so far has been amazing. They are a family style company who have been in business for over 10 years.


Selective Criteria

Miramar does not like to bite off more than they can chew. They are very thorough in their intake process to insure they are able to make a difference. The owner, Derik Brian, is a compassionate leader that leads by inspiration and not by fear. With that being said, it has been amazing to observe them stand by their promises. They have a very personable filter upon intake to their program to be able to evaluate everything from personality type to religious beliefs or even strictly male or female environments. Forming these questions for the clients to answer, gives them a clear understanding of how to help them most affectively. It is not easy to get in, but the client can be guarantee that they will be cared for if selected.

Staff Unity

We have experienced the unity of the staff in incredible ways. Something we have noticed about Miramar’s team is the loyalty to doing what is right. They are knit together by good morals and committed to their vision. David, the assistant program director, is a compassionate leader who leads by experience and never leaves anyone behind. He is an alumni of the program and is very involved from A-Z in the clients well being. David  is also very passionate about the owners vision. To see the respect he has for Derik was impressive. Along with observing David and the rest of the team, it was great to discover that most of Miramar’s employees love their job and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.


During our tour and certification process with Miramar, something we had noticed was their wonderful personalities. Ian, the intake professional, is the first person on the phone and walking the clients through the first day at their treatment center. Ian is a breathe of fresh air. He had one of the most inviting and safe personalities. We admired throughout the tour was their constant hugs and words of affirmation exchanged throughout staff and clients in every facility we toured. Another enlightening detail was that most of the staff we interviewed had been in the treatment program for over a year and then began employment with Miramar Recovery as an intern. Following their internship, most of them were pursuing further education in counseling and addiction studies.

 Final Review

This is just a small bit of what we are able to say about Miramar Recovery. In conclusion to our first review on them, we would say that Miramar Recovery Center is an intimate small treatment center that values quality over quantity. This seems to be a major advantage so far in watching the success rate of those they treat. We are firm supporters in this program so far and we encourage you to get their information from My Rehab Recovery in the Orange County Region.


If you or a loved one is struggling with any form of addiction or mental illness including those in need of dual diagnosis please call 855.977.3422 or visit




Body Brokering: The Industry’s Price on your Life

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Body Brokering: selling clients in exchange for money

In the addiction industry today, there is massive increase in treatment centers. With that, the competition for customers is at an all time high. Addicts and business men have found an advantage to that problem by gaining income off of a trade for those who need help.

Modern Day Prostitution of Victims of Mental Illness

Body brokers are the modern day pimp. The only catch is, it’s still legal today. They play the role of a life coach and contact addicts for help. He or she then makes the client comfortable to find their addictions and struggles. If drugs are not the problem, they capitalize on anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and depression. At the of the conversation they pitch the best solution; treatment. On the 7th day of the victims journey to recovery, the body brokers pockets $1500-$7000. They will then not reach back out until the client has left the treatment center.

The Vicious Cycle of Treatment

Once the client has completed treatment the “life coach” aka broker will reach back out to connect on how he or she is. Brokers then offer up drugs to relive that high one more time. Some clients will not be able to resist the free offer to get high and relapse shortly after treatment. The broker will then send them off to the next treatment center where he will capitalize on the system. This cycle will commonly occur up to 11 or more times.


Vulnerability is Used as an Advantage

Florida and Southern California are the two major hot spots for treatment. Perfect weather and high standard of living draw addicts from all over the country. This is a brokers dream. If a client relapses or is kicked out of a treatment center, brokers seemingly are the only ones to get them. The client is miles away from home, hurting, relapsing, sick, and has no community. Brokers then pounce. Their “life coach” role looks like a life saver to these clients, but they are unaware that their bodies are being traded for money. Weakness and vulnerability now has a dollar value attached to it in this industry.


Living in Luxury

Homeless to five star living, what is not to desire about reclaiming your life in luxury. A broker may approach an addict on the street or even in a recovery meeting and offer to help them get insurance. The Affordable Care Act is simple process you can apply through online. Once the insurance is activated, the broker will then drop them off at one of their luxury treatment centers. The client just experienced a massive jump in standard of living. Why would they want to go back to the streets? Once they are released, the client contacts the broker again to get high and experience another 30 days of first class living. The cycle continues and more money is being filtered into the brokers bank account.

Life Coaching with a Catch

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. It is not unusual for a life coach to charge a client for services. The corruption of the treatment industry is the transition of money on the back end when the client is admitted into treatment. Treatment centers are not chosen by the success rate for the client, but the amount of money the broker will receive in turn for their referral. Brokers are then enabling clients after they have been discharged from treatment to get high once again. The appeal to be valued, taken care of, and live is luxury is wanted by most clients. Client’s “life coach” steps back in each moment they get, knowing that they will make another couple thousands dollars off the client’s personal challenges.

Eliminating Brokers

My Rehab Recovery has formed a network of qualified treatment centers. Their  goal is to cut out the use of brokers and supply clients without a dollar amount placed on their life. My Rehab Recovery represent a cause for change and success in the treatment industry. We also represent treatment centers that meet the criteria for the greatest chances of success available so far. If you or a loved one is looking for sobriety please visit My Rehab Recovery or call 855.977.3422


Recovery from Rehab

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I had the opportunity to chat with a dear friend of ours about his experience of addiction and recovery. What you will read below will shock your soul, but it is more common then we believe.

Rehab or Prison

After years of addiction and multiple treatment centers, Anthony decided to try one more. He had incredible insurance so the price did not determine what facility he went to. After meeting owner, George, he decided to admit himself into his facility and start the journey of reclaiming his life. Shortly after he realized he made the wrong choice. The house was pack out worse than a college dorm. There were bunk beds in the living room. Not only did he have any space to breathe, but he was treated like an inmate. The staff was incredibly unprofessional and acted like the clients were complete scum. At the house there was no therapy or counseling involved. The only form he received was being dropped of at whatever AA meeting was near by. There was no compassion or respect for the process Anthony was going through.

I thought we were trying to get clean

It was not an uncommon experience for Anthony to walk in on people shooting up in the closet or bathroom. This house was out of control. If the clients were caught using there was no consequences. The staff would turn a blind eye as if they weren’t aware of what was happening. Anthony was looking for a clean safe haven, but got a looney house.

The owner did what?!

Anthony did not stay long. What he experienced and researched about the owner, he was disgusted. Before George opened his treatment center, he was in jail for the biggest cocaine bust in Orange County. The treatment center was a complete con job. He would pick up homeless and get them Obama Care, then drop them off at his rehab. Anthony would then see him on a weekly basis drop off money to clients. Not only was George body brokering himself, but was constantly working with other body brokers as well. Daily brokers would drop off their new piece of meat in exchange for a wad of cash. These desperate clients were just a way for George to charge insurance companies for more and more money.

I’m only worth $500

After seeing body brokers at George’s con house, Anthony was approached by one personally. Working what he calls a “recovery job” handing out flyers for a piercing shop, he was abruptly approached by a stranger. Straight forward the man asked if he wanted to relapse for money. Anthony at the time didn’t have money to even buy drugs. The man then offered him to come back to his house and use for free. Then he would give him $500 to go to his rehab. Shocked, Anthony was dumb founded that a stranger priced his life to cost as much as an iPhone. Knowing his life was worth much more, he denied the offer and the scumbag walked onto the next prey.

When will it end

The next go around into treatment, Anthony did a little more research. He found a facility that put value and worth into him and his process. Anthony successfully completed the program and reintroduced himself to society. Now crushing the business world, Anthony can’t seem to escape rehab. He constantly receives calls from labs saying he needs to pay his bill from past tests. Not only are they accusing him of not paying bills, but would declare other drugs on his results to which he did not use. Gratefully, the treatment center that he graduated from had his back and vouched to the insurance company to drop the charges.

Mind on the Prize

Sobriety is constantly on Anthony’s mind. He has a desire to help set others free as well. His home has been a welcome center to addicts needing a safe place while in transition. After a few strangers and a few friends staying, he couldn’t do it any longer. Anthony was lied to far too often. On top of the lying he watched many of them disappear and die. Church was a place he loved to take them, but it was never pressure. The weight hit him when he wouldn’t see one of them on Sunday, only to hear that they had passed away.

Recovery & Healing

Now focusing on himself, Anthony is healing his heart from addiction and trauma. The experiences he expected in treatment caused him more scars than he could imagine. Anthony seeks Jesus Christ to heal his wounds and live an incredible life of sobriety. His companies are taking off and his life is climbing the latter to health and wellness. Anthony’s heart will never forget the process, but his eyes can see his bright future ahead.


If you are looking for a safe certified treatment center free from corruptions go to  My Rehab Recovery or call 855.977.3422

Designs for Change/Cycles of Change Review

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Because there is Freedom in Recovery.

Our Experience

Over the past few months, we have become family with owners  Joe and Miki Hunter. 15 years ago they opened the doors for Designs for Change and Cycles of Change. Since then, their family has grown in numbers and sobriety. We have seen how much time and personal investment they take towards each individual client and family as they enter their facilities.

Family Oriented

A key factor  we have observed that we would like to highlight is their therapy program involvement with the clients family. Each weekend they invite the client’s family members into a therapy session to help change the lens that they might have on their son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister. It is common for the families to have a skewed perspective on the family member dealing with addiction. Designs for Change equips the families with tools to help the family break lenses and reengage in relationship.

Extended Family Care

In addition to their weekend family therapy sessions, every 8 weeks they host a weekend family workshop. We stand firmly behind this program. Not only do they invite the client and their family’s, but they invite the staff’s family as well. Here the discuss communication, purpose, and destiny.They create a family oriented environment across the board. This translates into the atmosphere in each of their facilities.


My Rehab Recovery investigates the staff at each of our network facilities. We were impressed to hear that each of the therapist at Designs for Change & Cycles of Change all have a college degree. In addition to their degrees, they also have 2+ years of experience under their belt. The staff is certified and credible. We are also very pleased with their client to staff ratio. Each client is getting the attention and care they need. Joe and Miki have created a very established staff over the past 15 years.

Two staff members that we work with on a consecutive basis are Jillian and Shannon. Both work in intake and we have observed their steps in pursuit of each potential new client. They will not close a case until they have personally reached out 4-5 times without a response from potential client. They stay active and on each case.

Overall Experience

We have been very pleased to see that each review online matches the care that Designs for Change & Cycles for Change promote. Joe and Miki lead with great example through their own marriage and passion for creating family in sobriety. We look forward to continuing our work with Designs for Change & Cycles of Change as part of My Rehab Recovery network.




Who’s Running Your Rehab?

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You open your doors at your new rehab center and within in a year you have become a millionaire. No degree or medical training required. Sounds too good to be true. Opening a rehab center is the new get rich quick business venture. But what is the catch?


How to become Licensed

According to the State of California Health and Human Services Agency Department Of Health Care Services you must have the following to obtain a legal license:

  • An alcoholism or drug abuse recovery, treatment, or detoxification facility must be defined as any facility, place or building which provides 24-hour, residential, non-medical services in a group setting to adults.
  • Must promote treatment and maintained recovery
That’s it!

Facilities may receive a certification from the state but that is completely voluntary. The advantage owners receive is a smooth processes while promoting to the potential clients within Health and Safety codes.

To be a treatment provider you must have a license given by the state your facility is located. You simply fill out an application and pay a fee. 120 days later your facility can issue medical treatment.

In their process of submitting their application, they must provide standard business and building information. Nowhere listed in the application is a background check. Previous investigation if they were once admitted in a treatment center is required. Investigation if they are listed as sex offenders is researched in the application process. Your son or daughter could be under 24 hr care of a sex offender or ex-con. During their most vulnerable time of their life they are unaware of who is taking care of them.

Who is monitoring them?

Praise God they must submit in their application the certifications their counselors have, but who is going to regulate it once their doors are open. An article produced by the OC Register “How some Southern California drug rehab centers exploit addictionsaid, there are only 16 inspectors to regulate the licensed treatment centers in California. In Southern California alone there is 1,117 licensed treatment centers, not to mention all the unlicensed ones who pay thousands of dollars to have the best advertising and SEO on Google. It costs pennies for a full treatment center to throw a few bucks into a paid Google analytic to promote their facility. Just because they are first on Google doesn’t mean they are a quality treatment center.

What is really happening at most treatment facilities?

Also mentioned in the OC Register article is the shocking fact that on average 1 person dies every 2 weeks in a licensed treatment center. DIES. Not relapse but dies.

Drones are now used to drop off drugs secretly to patience in rehab. Clients are stripped of all paraphernalia and drugs upon arrival, but when addiction calls they find any way to please their addiction.

The 12 step program has a 5% success rate which is the most commonly used to program in the treatment industry.


How are they making money?

Once an owner has hired the qualified signatures for billing documents anyone can write up reports for insurance companies to pay out. This means that no one technically has to have licensed personnel on staff at these facilities to bill for over $100,000 per client. On average a treatment center charges $30,000 per client per month. A facility with 10 beds is making around $300,000 per month. They are not required to spend any of that money on treating the client.

What is the solution?

My Rehab Recovery helps you through the maze of finding the best treatment centers in Southern California. Out of the thousands of options we’ve searched far and wide for facilities that have integrity and the best interest in mind for the client. Check out our standards below!  We believe that these standards are keys to lasting results on the client’s journey to recovery. All of the treatment centers that are a part of our network have proven to us that they qualify in each of the following areas:

  • Authentic Vision
  • Treatment Options
  • Treatment Center’s Philosophy & Ideology
  • Treatment Center Levels of Care
  • Staff to Client Ratio
  • Staff Unity
  • Staff Quality
  • Program Activities
  • Program Success Rate
  • Facility Quality & Cleanliness

We do the dirty work for you to make sure you, a family member or friend is receiving the licensed care they need to reclaim their life!

CALL NOW  (855) 977-3422   

10 Gasping Experiences from People in Treatment

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Treatment is vulnerable process. Here are 10 statements from personal experiences through rehab.

1. You feel more accepted in your treatment center than you do in actual reality

2. Sober living homes are a place to find cooler friends to use with

3. My parents spent my college fund for me to go to treatment. After rehab I attended college and had to lie to my parents about sobriety. Now we are broke and I am using more than I did before I went to college.

4. The first treatment center I went to my counselor was only a high school graduate.

5. My door didn’t have a lock on it. When I was changing a male client walked into my room when I didn’t have anything on. This happened more than once.

6. I paid $70,000 for my first run at rehab. I relapsed and went to a rehab $30,000 cheaper that had gave me better life tools to sobriety.

7. One night I found my phone they taken from me and  I texted my dealer. A few hours later I was using in his car in front of my rehab.

8. I relapsed during treatment and was kicked out for a fews days homeless before they would let me back in for help.

9.  Once I had demonic visitations in my room at night, only to find out others in my center were using witchcraft. I thought I was having a trip but I knew I was sober.

10. Entering rehab I was an alcoholic. I left rehab a chain smoker.


To avoid these risks, My Rehab Recovery has scouted out high quality well respected treatment centers for you. Find a treatment center at that compliments your process to sobriety.

Pee in this Cup: Corruption of Urine Testing

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The Cost

Did you know that one urine samples can cost up to $3000? One couple who sent their son to treatment received a bill of $300,000 for urine testing from a lab affiliated with the sober living home where their son was treated.

During the process of recovery, a staff member at the treatment center will require a drug test to determine whether or not the client is sober. It is commonly done upon arrival and departure. The client may receive an occasional test midway through their treatment to make sure their process to recovery is on track.

The treatment center then sends it off to the labs to be tested and results are given within 24 hours.

Then What?

Insert corrupt business owner.

The owner may then bill the insurance for whatever value he tries to justify the test is worth. On top of prostituting the urine, they can request to test the client more often than necessary to gain profit from the drug tests.

The Past

In the past three years, there has been hundreds of cases dealing with the fraudulent act involving drug testing. Corruption is spreading across the United States with major cases in Florida, Texas, California and New Jersey.

Millions of dollars are being paid out straight into the pockets of business owners who are capitalizing off the process of recovery. When will we have more verification of the processes of these businesses? How long will the corruption last?

The Future

My Rehab Recovery is partnered with MedGen Solutions lab company to assure a credible experience. MedGen is held to a high accountability through My Rehab Recovery standards of ethics. Each of My Rehab Recovery’s qualified treatment centers source a lab company that value the patient and the medical testing. My Rehab Recovery is standing in the gap to stop this corruption.